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Doggie Dementia

Grover’s BackgroundI was fortunate to live with six different dogs throughout my life. Only one doggie seemed to have dementia issues, and that was my

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Oxygen Tubing…Everywhere

COPD and Need for OxygenCOPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Denny had that disease for many years. I don’t see online where anyone has found a

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Dementia Diagnosis…Finally!

This post continues listing other unusual symptoms that didn’t blatantly say “DEMENTIA!!!” to my clueless mind. My kids and I continued to think that Denny

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Dementia Diagnosis

Preliminary Ponderings A Great Book! I have been reading a book by David Brooks: “How to Know a Person”, that confirmed to me that I

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My Daddy

Daddy was being so helpful posing for this picture. I was learning to use the camera and new lens for a class I was taking, seeking to better my photography skills for my job. I was attempting to take my favorite kind of picture, where the lights in the background turn into “bokeh”–out of focus circles–while Daddy remained in good focus. Just look at that sweet face.

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